Unlocking IP - 18-19 November 2004New models for sharing and trading intellectual property
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Day 1 - Thursday 18 November 2004

Creative Licensing: The New Continuum of Copyrights

08:15 am

  Registration - Coffee

09:15 am

Keynotes: Do we need to Unlock Intellectual Property?

  • Education
    Evan Arthur, Department of Education, Science and Training
  • Legal
    Professor Michael Pendleton, Murdoch University Law Faculty, and Copyright Law Review Committee
  • International (by video link)
    Professor James Boyle, Duke Law School, USA, and
    Professor Yochai Benkler, Yale Law School, USA
  • Chair: Professor Graham Greenleaf, UNSW Law Faculty,
    Co-director, Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre
10:30 am   Morning Tea

11:00 am  

Session 2 - Core legal issues: Opening or locking up content?

Anne Flahvin and Ross McLean, Baker & McKenzie
: Professor Jill McKeough, UNSW Law Faculty

12:00 pm  

Session 3 - Case Studies: Successes in sharing?

  • 'Open Source' and 'Free' software in Australia (and Brazil!)
    Pia Smith, Linux Australia
  • Learning Activity Management Systems
    James Dalziel, MELCOE
  • Sharing E-Learning Resources in VET
    Vivienne Blanksby, Australian Flexible Learning Framework
  • The teaching and learning exchange: Should sharing be limited?
    Leslie Loble, Strategic Planning & Regulation, DET NSW
  • Legal Information Institutes: Creating law's global commons
    Professor Graham Greenleaf, UNSW Law Faculty,
    Co-director, AustLII

    Chair: Carol Fripp, AEShareNet

01:30 pm   Lunch

02:30 pm  

Session 4 - Licensing for sharing and trading: Working models?

  • New publishing paradigms and the ‘Free-for Education’ licence
    Phillip Crisp, Australian Government Solicitors
  • iCommons: Creative Commons Australian version
    Ian Oi, Blake Dawson Waldron
  • Licensing multiple layers of intellectual Property to the school sector
    Nigel Ward and Nicky Pitkanen, The Le@rning Federation
  • 'Free' and 'Open Source' software - new business models?
    Peter Eckersley, IPRIA

    Chair: Dr Roger Clarke, Xamax Consultancy

04:00 pm   Afternoon Tea

04:30 pm  

Session 5 (parallel)

06:00 pm   Cocktails

07: 30pm   Dinner – off campus (Subject to demand)

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