Unlocking IP conference - 18-19 November 2004New models for sharing and trading intellectual property
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About us

This conference is being jointly hosted by two organisations, AEShareNet and UNSW's Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre.

About AEShareNet

AEShareNet implements visionary concepts to streamline the licensing of intellectual property so learning materials can be developed, shared and adapted more efficiently. Established in 2000, it is a collaborative system owned by the Australian Education Ministers.

AEShareNet has over 21,000 listed resources and more than 500 organisations (TAFEs, private Registered Training Organisations, universities, publishers and multimedia companies) listing and trading materials. It provides a secure e-business platform for immediate licence transactions via its website. The organisation also provides detailed general information on copyright and licensing issues.

For more details see www.aesharenet.com.au

About the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre
at UNSW Faculty of Law

The Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at UNSW Faculty of Law provides a focus for research, public interest advocacy and education on issues of law and policy about digital transactions in cyberspace. Its founding sponsors were the local and global partners of Baker & McKenzie, a leading international law firm.

The Centre's work covers intellectual property in digital artifacts, e-commerce, provision of government services by Internet, authentication and encryption, Internet governance and regulation, privacy and freedom of information in digital records.

For more details see www.cyberlawcentre.org

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The University of New South Wales
  Co-hosted by
Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre AEShareNer Net Working 2004