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Symposia on public policy in cyberspace

From early 2002, the Centre has hosted a series of expert symposia on 'Public Policy in Cyberspace'. These symposia are usually one-day meetings to which the Centre invites policy makers, technical and legal experts involved in an area of cyberspace regulation and policy where there are important public interest issues to be decided. The format is based around a structured, round table discussion not the presentation of prepared papers. Members of the public may also be entitled to attend some sessions at a moderate cost. Topics for the 2002 Symposia are listed in the programme below. (Please feel free to suggest topics for future symposia.)

CLE conferences on cyberspace law

From early 2001, the Centre has held public seminars and conferences on cyberspace law, policy and legal practice. In most cases they run for a whole day. Starting in October 2002, we also introduce practical workshops, covering the nuts and bolts side of dealing with certain issues and procedures. These events are run in conjunction with UNSW Law Faculty's Centre for Continuing Legal Education (CLE), and entitle legal practitioner attendees to credits for mandatory CLE. In some cases (typically two day events) attendance followed by successful completion of assessable work may be also able to accredited toward LLM degrees or other postgraduate study. The 2002 Programme below will be updated as details and documents are finalised.

Programme for 2002

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18th March 2002 Symposium

Digital Rights Management Systems (DRMS)
Transcript - Presentations

Lee Bygrave
7th May CLE conference

Domain names and Internet governance
Selected background papers in preparation

Chris Connolly
9th May Symposium

Cyberliberties in the wake of a national security push Background Paper [PDF]
Transcript in preparation

Lee Bygrave
11th July Symposium

'E-Authentication' - Symposium and consultation
Transcript [HTML]

Graham Greenleaf
Tom Dale (NOIE)

1st October CLE conference

Practical CLE Workshop - Internet Legal Disputes

David Vaile
24-25th October CLE conference
(2 days)

International Dimensions of E-commerce and Internet Regulation

David Vaile
18th December Seminar

Defamation on the Internet: The recent High Court decision in 'Gutnick'

David Vaile

"CLE Conference" = Continuing Legal Education conference, seminar or workshop (jointly with UNSW CLE and Cyberspace LPC)
"Symposium" = Public Policy in Cyberspace symposium

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