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CLE Conference:

Domain Name Systems and Internet Governance

Tuesday 7th May 2002

The Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre
University of New South Wales

The Internet grew up without a formal governance structure, contributing to its once-popular characterization as an uncharted electronic frontier unburdened by regulation, taxes, scarcity, or strife. Of course this description is exaggerated; there have always been rules of some sort in cyberspace. But governing structures rooted in the physical world have struggled to adapt to the online world, and the legitimacy of new structures created for the Internet has been rightfully challenged. These problems have been particularly acute in instances of great international diversity of law or culture -- a diversity that may be difficult to preserve in a world without borders. Yet even the most fundamental questions, like whether to apply real-world laws to the Internet in the first place, remain controversial.

This conference discussed these wider implications and issues, approaching the questions from both an academic and practical perspective. In particular:

      • The "big picture" perspective of Internet governance, from both a US and international stand point
      • The auDA scheme for the domain name system in Australia
      • An overview of the structure of Online Dispute Resolutions (ODR), with a discussion of some major schemes. See National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council Background paper January 2001, On-line ADR
      • How ODR affects consumers and an outline of the new EU guidelines for consumer-friendly ODR.
      • The suitability of private (or semi-private) rule making for the long term regulation of the Internet. Please see SMH article 'Politics closes in on the Internet', Australian IT article, Internet's new world order and ZDNet Australia article, Australian see the need for ICANN reform and Proposed reform for ICANN .
      • The future of internet governance both internationally and nationally


9.00 am

"Welcoming remarks - An introduction to the Domain Name System and Internet Governance"
Patrick Fair, Partner, Baker & McKenzie Sydney

9.30 am

"How is the Internet and Domain Name System Governed? An International Perspective"
David E. Sorkin, Associate Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago

10.30 am Morning Tea
11.00 am

"The Domain Name System in Australia - auDA"
Chris Dispain, Chief Executive Officer, auDA

12.00 pm

"Recent legal developments related to the Domain Name System"
Patrick Gunning, Partner, Mallesons Stephen Jaques Sydney

1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm

"Online Dispute Resolution - A practitioner's view"
Alan L. Limbury, Strategic Resolution

2.45 pm "Online Dispute Resolution - What it means for consumers"
Dr Lee A Bygrave, Co-Director, Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre and Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law
3.30 pm Afternoon Tea
4.00 pm

"The Future of Internet Governance"
David E. Sorkin, Associate Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago
Liz Williams, Director, AAS Consulting and Deputy Chair of auDA
John Corker, Senior Associate, Clayton Utz
Alan L. Limbury, Strategic Resolution
Chair - Chris Connolly, Co-Director, Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre and Director, Financial Services Consumer Policy Centre

5.30 pm Close


NOIE Consultation:

The National Office for the Information Economy was developing an Australian Government view on the proposed ICANN Reform and sought comments from the Internet community and other interested parties. A consultation paper has been developed to focus comments and is available at www.noie.gov.au/icannreview.

Comments were sought by 6 May 2002 and could be sent to: icannreview [at] noie.gov.au

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