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Cyberliberties in the Wake of the National Security ‘Push’


The Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre

University of New South Wales



Governments in many countries are taking legislative measures to enhance national security, particularly in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the USA of 11 September last year. Australia is no exception to this development. The Federal Parliament is currently considering adoption of a set of Bills that purport to curb terrorism by creating new offences and augmenting State surveillance powers.


Such measures are likely to impact significantly on the privacy, autonomy and related interests of private individuals and organisations, not least with respect to online activities. At the same time, considerable uncertainty reigns amongst the public over the breadth of the new surveillance and control powers. Concomitantly, considerable uncertainty exists as to the proportionality of these powers in relation to the problem(s) that they are intended to address.


This symposium will discuss the probable effects of the proposed security measures on cyberliberties. In doing so, it will attempt to cast light on several sub-issues, including the extent to which the ‘September 11’ attacks have induced far greater public readiness to sacrifice citizen freedoms for the sake of enhanced national security.


Australian developments will constitute the main point of departure for discussion, though US and European developments will be canvassed too.



Thursday 9 May 2002 


4pm till late.


Baker & McKenzie Board Room,
Level 26, A.M.P. Centre
50 Bridge Street
Sydney, N.S.W. 1223



The event is not open to the public. If you have a special interest or contribution to make at this symposium, there are a limited number of positions for observers. Please contact Than Yeng (Coordinator) <t.yeng [at] unsw.edu.au> for further details.

A selection of the papers and the symposium proceedings will be published later on the Centre website.


Background paper by Communications Law Centre (PDF format)

See Bills Report - Inquiry into the Security Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002 [No.2] and Related Bills - (PDF format) - Tabled 8 May 2002

URL: http://www.cyberlawcentre.org/2002/Cyberliberties.htm