Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter Initiative

Welcome to the home page of the Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter Council ("APPCC"), which met for the first time in Sydney on 12 September 2003 in a workshop on a first discussion draft of the proposed Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter. Please read the Announcement below.

This initiative has created, through the formation of an Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter Council, a regional expert group which will develop independent standards for privacy protection in the region, in order to influence the enactment of privacy laws in the region in accordance with those standards, and the adoption of regional privacy agreements in accordance with those standards.

One of the developments which adds urgency to this initiative is Australia's recent APEC privacy proposal. You can find background in documents including this article below.

The Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at UNSW acts as convener for the Charter initiative, and hosts its web pages. [In 2010 it also assisted with the formation of the Asian Privacy Scholars Network, which pursues some of the issues originally raised by the Charter initiative, as well as many others.]

Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter Council (APPCC) documents

Background documents

APEC Privacy Initiative

[Documents in this section have been moved to the APEC Privacy Framework page of the Interpreting Privacy Principles project. ]


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