Asian Privacy Scholars Network (APSN)

The UNSW Law Faculty Cyberspace Law and Policy Community's 'Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter' and 'Interpreting Privacy Principles' projects helped to build links over many years with a network of scholars in the Asia Pacific Region.

In early 2010 these collaborative links helped create the Asian Privacy Scholars Network.

Conferences and meetings

About APSN

The Asian Privacy Scholars Network aims to further the study of personal data protection, privacy, and surveillance in countries of the Asia-Pacific region, through conferences, publications and networking. It is predominantly comprised of academic scholars, but also includes some scholars from government, NGOs and business.

The common element between its members is that they publish work on data protection, privacy, and surveillance that is respected by their peers.

Membership of the Network is by invitation, approved by the current members. The Cyberspace Law and Policy Community at UNSW Law provides the secretariat to the Network.

Network Members


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