This page includes events run by the Centre as part of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Series, and others run by or featuring centre associates and collaborators to which interested parties may seek invitations.

CLE and conferences on cyberspace law

The Centre holds public seminars and conferences on cyberspace law and policy, and practical workshops covering 'the nuts and bolts' of dealing with certain issues and procedures. They generally run in half or two day blocks. These events are run in conjunction with UNSW Law Faculty's Centre for Continuing Legal Education (CLE), who take registrations, and they entitle legal practitioner attendees to credits for mandatory CLE. They are of interest to professionals, academics and advocates from a range of relevant disciplines. This year's Programme is below; it is updated as details are finalised.

LawTechTalks and seminars

Since 2003 we've delivered an ad hoc series of short talks and seminars on a diverse range of cyberspace issues presented by expert visitors and researchers. Those held on campus at UNSW are usually called 'LawTechTalks'. The Centre and its partners invite interested students and academics of many disciplines, as well as advocates, media, policymakers and practitioners. The typical format is a 40 minute paper then 20 minutes for discussion. Attendance at UNSW venues is free. Members of the public may also be able to attend outside sessions at a moderate cost. See the programme below.

Symposia and Forums on public policy in cyberspace

From 2002 the Centre has hosted a series of expert symposia on 'Public Policy in Cyberspace'. These symposia are usually half or one day meetings to which the Centre invites policy makers, technical and legal experts involved in an area of cyberspace regulation, governance and policy where there are important public interest issues to be decided. The format is based around a structured, round table discussion, introduced by a number of short prepared papers.

2008 Events Programme

The programme is will be updated as items are confirmed. Contact us for details.

Type of event
Event - links to more details
6 February 2008
Seminar -
UNSW Law Theatre G23

'Aspects of eGovernment in Germany, Hong Kong and Australia: Domain names, privacy and more', visiting postgrad researchers Joeson Wong and Martin Backes

Graham Greenleaf

7 March 2008

Workshop - UNSW Law Theatre G23

Jane Winn, US online contracts and consumer regulation commentator, presents public keynote before workshop co-hosted with CHOICE with intro by Chris Conolly, on proposed Consumer Digital Rights Charter - 7 March 2008

Gordon Renouf, CHOICE

19 March 2008
LawTechTalk - UNSW Law Theatre G02

'The Winny case: Cybercrime and copyright law in Japan', presented by Prof. Makoto Ibusuki, Professorial Visiting Fellow from Ritsumeikan University School of Law, Japan

David Vaile

14 May 2008
UNSW Law room 101

'Sharing info on the 'Semantic Web' or 'Giant Global Graph': unresolved legal issues', presented by Pierre-Paul Lemyre of LexUM, Canada

David Vaile

24-27 June 2008
Conferences, Brisbane

Prof Greenleaf presents at 'Building an Australasian Commons', Creative Commons Australia; and 'Creating Value: Between Commerce and Commons', ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation

Prof B Fitzgerald
26, 27 June 2008
Conference, Sydney CBD

'LawTech 2008', D. Vaile keynote on 'The Digital Document That Will Not Die', suppression and persistence of online documents; AustLII's Greenleaf and Chung on 'Building Subject-specific Libraries on Free-access Services', hosted by AIJA with AustLII and UNSW support

23 July 2008
UNSW Law Theatre

"You are where you’ve been: Technological threats to your location privacy"', investigation of legal, policy, technology and social issues, School of Surveying and Spatial Information Systems co-hosted by Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre. Materials, Brochure

24 July 2008
Conference presentation, Canberra

3rd Workshop on Social Implications of National Security 2008 - Evidence Based Policy in Public Administration', David Vaile presenting

Katina Michael, UoW

2 October 2008


Meeting privacy challenges: ALRC and NSWLRC Privacy Reviews. Program and links to materials now available.

Graham Greenleaf, Nigel Waters, David Vaile and others

October 2008
The Hague
Prof Greenleaf presents at conference on access to online legal information, proposes international convention
27 November 2008


Forum: ISP filtering proposals

David Vaile and ors
28 November 2008
UNSW Law boardroom
Intellectual Property Transplants in the Digital Age, Prof. Peter Yu, director of the IP Law Center at Drake University Law School

Alana Maurushat

"CLE" = Continuing Legal Education conference, seminar or workshop (jointly with UNSW CLE and Cyberspace LPC)

"Symposium" = Public Policy in Cyberspace symposium

"LawTechTalk" = Occasional seminars with visiting experts at UNSW, sometimes in conjunction with a faculty seminar.

For further information on these events, please contact our office.

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