Spam research project

The Centre began a project in 2003 to examine practical options in technical, policy and legal areas that a variety of people may find useful in dealing with spam. It is being carried out by interns and volunteers.

The project aims to encourage debate and research, and discover, evaluate resources which meet needs of various groups of email users. Educational and policy events set the scene for work in this area.


Our talks at UNSW and Society for Computers and Law on 'junk communications' in 2003

Our Symposium on the Spam Bill Sydney, 16 October 2003
- contains links to background material, including submissions and comments

Our Continuing Legal Education conference on Spam, 4 December 2003.

Presentation at the AusCERT 2004 security conference on Spam and workplace surveillance.

Working documents (see also the Spam Bill page above):

Senator Alston announces NOIE final Spam report and IIA announces spam initiative.

Definitions of terms used in our database of references to info about spam

For more information contact David Vaile (executive director) d.vaile [at]
(Spam hostile email address, encoded as HTML entities - see