The Centre's Postgraduate Research Associates and Interns

Postgraduate Research Associates and undergraduate Interns undertake valuable work with the Centre, and are supported by it.

Post-graduate Research Associates

The centre supports, through the role of 'Postgraduate Research Associate', the work of a range of postgraduate researchers and candidates for degrees such as Master of Laws (LLM), Master of Legal Studies (LSM), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD). Some of them are also full Research Associates by virtue of their other activities.

  1. Russell Allen
  2. Ben Bildstein
  3. Catherine Bond
  4. Sophia Christou
  5. Philip Chung
  6. Marie-Ange Peslages
  7. Joeson Wong
  8. Than Yeng


Under the UNSW Law School's Social Justice Program, undergraduates are able to participate in the centre's work as interns for a session of the academic year. Other students are also welcome to apply to assist our research activities on a less formal basis. Unless otherwise noted they are from UNSW.

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Post Graduate Research Associates

Russell Allen

Russell is pursuing postgraduate research for an SJD in isomorphism in legal knowledge-based systems: theory and practice. He is also a Research Associate. See above


Ben Bildstein

Ben is an APA(I) PhD candidate in the Unlocking IP project.

Catherine Bond

Catherine is an APA(I) PhD candidate in the Unlocking IP project.


Sophia Christou

Sophia is a former intern and then research assistant in the Unlocking IP and Privacy Principles research projects, now undertaking a masters.

Philip Chung

Philip is doing an LLM exploring technical challenges in developing a global free-access legal information system for research (he is responsible for much of AustLII's operations as its executive director). He is also a Research Associate. see above


Marie-Ange Peslages

Marie-Ange conducted research towards a PhD at UNSW dealing with legal aspects of the role of Internet protocols in the regulation of cyberspace. She is the winner of the 2004 "NewSouth Global scholar" international postgraduate research scholarship from UNSW.

George Tian photo

Joeson Wong– <joesonwong (at)>

Joeson is an external PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Graham Greenleaf, investigating the development of e-Government in Hong Kong with particular reference to privacy, freedom of information and Internet governance. He am a practising barrister in Hong Kong, with an LL.M. in Information Technology Law from University of Hong Kong.

Than Yeng – <t.yeng (at)>

Than Yeng was the Centre's founding coordinator, contributing substantially to its successful establishment and programme of events. In Hong Kong he helped develop local IT law initiatives and contributed as a Research Associate. He is now in Hong Kong.



Michelle Wibisono photo

Michelle Wibisono

Michelle, a student of Commerce/Law and Computing Science, was an intern in Session II 2002. Under the Social Justice Project, she conducted a consultation exercise to help identify the needs and interests of the various constituencies of this centre, adapting "user-centred design" principles to guide the methodology and approach.



Francine Johnson

Francine has a background in IT development and was an intern during Session 1, 2003.

Rita Layous

Rita was an intern during Session 2, 2003. Rita, May Yee and Diede assisted in the Centre's engagement in the development of the Spam Act 2003, amongst other activities.

May Yee Sim

May Yee was an intern during Session 2, 2003.

Sacha Temple

Sacha was an intern during Session 1, 2003.

Diede J. van Lamoen

Diede is a computer science and law graduate of Dartmouth College, New England USA, and came to the centre for an international internship in late 2003, whilst working for a local IT company. He is senior sonsultant at Applied Value in China.


Steven Fung photo

Steven Fung

Steven was an intern during Session 1, 2004 and went on to work at AustLII. Steven holds a Computer Engineering degree, Law degree and a Masters of Commerce degree from UNSW. He is also a former datawarehousing consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM.

Peter Garay

Peter has extensive experience in IT development and was finishing a law degree while he was an intern during Session 1, 2004.

Ada Ko photo

Ada Ko

Ada, a student of Commerce (Finance)/Law, was an intern during Session 2, 2004. She has since gone on to a role as Law Clerk, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sydney office of Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Stuart and Ada assisted with the Unlocking IP 2004 conference, and the development of the research project of the same name.

Stuart Loh photo

Stuart Loh

Stuart, a Science (Business Information Technology) graduate and student of Law, was an intern during Session 2, 2004. He is starting as a graduate lawyer at Mallesons Stephen Jaques in 2006.


Roslyn Cook photo

Roslyn Cook
Roslyn has a background in legal publishing, including the Australian Indigenous Law Reporter and UNSW Law Journal, and was an intern during Session 1, 2005.

She and John O'Brien assisted in the initiation of the 'Online Investment Regulation' research project under Prof Dimity Kingsford Smith.

John O'Brien
John has a background in IT and legal publishing, and was an intern during Session 1, 2005.

Simmy Lai photo

Simmy Lai
Simmy completed a Commerce/Law degree majoring in Information Systems, and was an intern during Session 2, 2005. Simmy is starting as a graduate at KPMG in 2006. She and Ivan Yu (below) assisted in the preparation of reference materials for the 'Online Investment Regulation' research project under Prof Dimity Kingsford Smith, as well as in other pr0jects.

Ivan Yu photo

Ivan Yu
Ivan studied Commerce (Business Strategy & Economic Management) / Law and was an intern during Session 2, 2005. He is completing his degree requirements at Kingsford Legal Centre over the summer of 2005-2006, and will start as a graduate at Freehills in 2006.


Ben Milligan photo

Ben Milligan, Wollongong U

Ben assisted the compilation of materials for the Law in the Information Age course over the summer.

Yorkie Au Yeung photo

Yorkie Au Yeung

Yorkie graduated from UNSW in 2006 and City University of Hong Kong in 2008.

  Jolene Knorr
  Rebecca Mann, Sydney U
  Philomena Molinario

Marc Pang

  Holly Lam
  Sophia Christou
  Alan Chu
  Mike Li
  David Chau
  Michael Whitbread
  Eugenie Kyung-Eun Hwang
  Renee Watts
  Shomaice Zowgli

Adam Arnold


Joanna Chow


Reg Leones