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Unlocking IP 2006 Conference

10 - 11 July 2006, at AGSM, UNSW Sydney

AEShareNet Ltd
(principal industry supporter)


The papers and presentations from the conference are linked below, after each presenter. Links to late papers which were not included in the version available at the conference have been added to the master version of this page on the web site.

File formats are PPT (readable by MS Powerpoint and other presentation software), PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format), and RTF (Rich Text Format, readable by various word processors).

See also the new AustLII Australasian Intellectual Property Law Library which hosts:

DAY 1 Mon 10th - Creating Commons: Public rights and public domain in law and theory

1 - National and international dimensions of commons

2 - Creating Commons: Theories and realities

    • Prof Peter Drahos, Professor in Law, ANU; Head of Program of Regulatory Institutions Network; Director, Centre for Governance of Knowledge & Development
      'Freedom and Diversity: A Defence of the Intellectual Commons'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 1
      Presentation:[2006] AIPLRes 16
    • Dr Jane Anderson, Research Fellow in Intellectual Property at AIATSIS and
      Prof Kathy Bowrey
      , UTS Faculty of Law
      'The cultural politics of the IP Commons'
      Paper:[2006] AIPLRes 13
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 17
    • Prof Graham Greenleaf, UNSW Faculty of Law and AustLII
      'Creating commons by friendly appropriation'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 10
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 18

3 - Fair use or fair dealing?: Effects of the proposed reforms

    • Emily Hudson, Law School, University of Melbourne, Assoc Prof Andrew Kenyon, Centre for Media and Communications Law, U Melb. and Prof Andrew Christie, Director, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia (IPRIA)
      'Fair use exceptions and practices of Australian cultural institutions'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 19
    • Dr Melissa de Zwart, Senior Lecturer, Monash University Law Faculty
      'Future of Fair Dealing in Australia: Protecting Freedom of Communication'
      Paper:[2006] AIPLRes 2
    • Dilan Thampapillai, Associate Lecturer, QUT Faculty of Law
      'The fair use enquiry: A question half answered?'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 20
    • Ben Atkinson, senior copyright policy researcher, on leave from NSW AG's Department
      Commentator, with special interest in challenges for state governments in fair dealing and copyright policy
      Outline: [ RTF ]

4 - Critiques of licensing solutions

    • Catherine Bond, researcher, Unlocking IP project, UNSW
      'Simplification and consistency in Australian public rights licences'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 3
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 21
    • Brendan Scott, OSIA
      'The Fallacy of False Negatives: In Defence of a Free Market for Intellectual Property'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 41
    • Kimberlee Weatherall, Associate Director, IPRIA, University of Melbourne
      'Would you ever recommend a Creative Commons license - and why?'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 4
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 22
    • Nic Suzor, Creative Commons Australia
      'Compatibility and Open Content Licencing'

5 - TPMs as impediments or facilitators?

    • Prof Mark Perry, IBM Center for Advanced Studies, Faculty of Science, Computer Science, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario & Nic Suzor, PhD researcher, QUT Faculty of Law
      'Transformational models: from DRM to conducer'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 11
    • Dilan Thampapillai, Associate Lecturer, QUT Faculty of Law
      'Implementing Article 17.4.7 of the A-US FTA – the emergence of the access right as a neighbouring right to copyright'
      [2006] AIPLRes 24
    • Rusty Russell, Linux Australia
      'TPMs, Open Source Software and Open Content'
      Presentation:[2006] AIPLRes 25

6 - Patents as impediments or facilitators? [Parallel session with 5]

    • Dianne Nicol, Centre for Law and Genetics, Law Faculty, University of Tasmania
      'Cooperative intellectual property strategies in biotechnology'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 5
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 26
    • Dr Janet Hope, Centre for Governance of Knowledge and Development, RSSS, ANU, 'Model-mongering in biotechnology R&D: the limits of the "open source" analogy'
      Presentation:[2006] AIPLRes 42
    • Bryan Mercurio, UNSW Law Faculty, Director, International Trade and Development Project, Gilbert + Tobin Centre for Public Law
      'Biomedical patents and third world diseases'
      Presentation:[2006] AIPLRes 27

DAY 2 Tuesday 11th - Creating Commons: Progress in the public and educational sectors

7- Open content, creators, and business models

    • Dr Roger Clarke, Visiting Professor, UNSW; Xamax Consulting
      'Business models providing incentives to open content'
      Presentation:[2006] AIPLRes 23


    • Simon Lake, CEO, Screenrights Australia [ PPT ]
    • Dr Jeremy Fisher, executive director, ASA [ RTF ]
    • Alida Stanley, Senior Solicitor, Arts Law Centre of Australia [ PDF ]
    • Raena Lea-Shannon, Frankels Lawyers (arts and film advisor)
    • Gordon Renouf, Policy Director, Australian Consumers Association [ PDF ]

8 - Public sector: cost recovery or commons?

    • Andres Guadamuz
      'The UK public sector and the commons'
      Presentation:[2006] AIPLRes 28
    • Neale Hooper, Whole of Government Licensing Project, Queensland Treasury,
      Anne Fitzgerald, QUT Faculty of Law, and Tim Barker, Queensland Assistant Government Statistician
      'Realising the potential of Queensland public sector databases'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 30
    • Alison Shames, State Copyright Manager, NSW Attorney General's Department
      'Open content licensing in the NSW public sector'
    • Prof Graham Greenleaf, AustLII
      'Crown copyright, and licensing law to the public'

9 - Optimising educational access

    • Delia Browne, National Copyright Director, Ministerial Council on Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs
      'Rethinking Educational Access and Use in the 21 Century'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 31
    • Prof Michael Geist, Creative Commons Canada
      'The Canadian education access experience'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 32
    • Scott Kiel-Chisholm, QUT OAK Law Project
      'Open Educational Resources (OER): OECD and Other Projects'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 33

10 - The spectrum of licensing models and standards

    • Carol Fripp and Dennis Macnamara, AESHareNet,
      'An agnostic approach to open content licensing: Policy and practice in the VET sector'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 8
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 34
    • Delia Browne, National Copyright Director, MCEETYA
      'Emerging licence models in the school sector'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 35
    • Raena Lee-Shannon, Frankels Lawyers
      'Open standards and technology in government and law: ODF Massachusetts and WACG 1 and 2'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 9

11 - Finding the public domain

    • Ben Bildstein, Researcher, Unlocking IP project, UNSW/AustLII
      'Finding and quantifying Australia's online commons'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 6
      Presentation:[2006] AIPLRes 36
    • Philip Chung, Ben Bildstein, Matthew Lee and Graham Greenleaf, AustLII
      'Launch of Unlocking IP search tool: Finding Australian content with various licences'
    • Ray Warouw, Project Manager, ASK-OSS, MELCOE, Macquarie University
      'Finding open source information: ASK-OSS'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 37

12 - Learning IP: Managing learning resources in education [Parallel session with 11]

    • Vanessa Tuckfield, Copyright Officer, Canberra Institute of Technology
      'Understanding public rights: Copyright Kitchen case study'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 7
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 38
    • Sally Bieleny, Business Analyst, The Le@rning Federation
      'Maximising the volume of accessible digital content for schools'
      Paper: [2006] AIPLRes 12
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 39
    • Ernie Ghiglione, LAMS Project Manager, MELCOE, Macquarie University
      'Accessible open content and Creative Commons: The LAMS Community'
      Presentation: [2006] AIPLRes 40

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