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Teaching cyberspace law at UNSW

The Centre's Research Associates are involved in teaching across a wide range of Schools and Faculties, including Law, Commerce and Computer Science. Subjects relating to cyberspace issues currently taught by our Research Associates include:

LLB subjects

LAWS1031 Information Technology Law (LLB) - G Greenleaf - see Subject pages
Industrial & Intellectual Property (LLB)  - K. Bowrey - See Handbook description
Computer Applications to Law (LLB) - G Greenleaf, P.Chung - See Subject pages

LLM and diploma subjects

LAWS9977 IT Law - Internet Governance (LLM) - H.Raiche
LAWS 3033 Defamation, Privacy and the Media (LLM) - M.Chesterman   - See Handbook description
Developing Computer Applications to Law (LLM) - G. Greenleaf, P.Chung - See Subject pages
LAWS 3037
Data Surveillance & Information Privacy Law (LLM) - G.Greenleaf, N.Waters, C.Connolly   - See Handbook description
LAWS 3039 Law and Internet Cultures (LLM) - K.Bowrey
LAWS 3041
Contempt and the Media (LLM) - M.Chesterman   - See Handbook description
LAWS 3042
Censorship and Free Speech (LLM) - M.Chesterman   - See Handbook description
LAWS4021 Issues in Intellectual Property Law (LLM) -  K.Bowrey  - See Handbook description

Subjects taught in other schools

LEGT7771 Information Technology Law (Commerce Faculty - Business Law and Taxation) - B. Gordon - See Handbook

General education

GENL2031 Cyberspace Law: Regulation of Networked Transactions. The Centre's associates teach this General Education subject for the School of Law during semester.

GENL0230 Law in the Information Age: this is taught as an intensive in Summer or Winter periods between semesters.

Postgraduate research supervision

The diverse expertise of the Centre's Research Associates enables UNSW Law School to arrange high quality supervision for postgraduate research students in cyberspace law. For further details of supervision and research completions, see Research.

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