Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre
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invites you to a free 'Law Tech Talk' seminar
in our 2004 Cyberspace Law and Policy Series:


Flowcharts with hyperlinks for teaching and learning taxation and intellectual property law


Ian Iredale, School of Law
University of Western Sydney


Tuesday 23 March 2004


1:00 to 2:00 pm, including 15-20 minutes for questions


Room 1042 (10th floor)
UNSW Law Faculty, Library stage II Tower
Enter via Gate 11 Botany St Randwick.



There is scope to make greater use of flowcharts and broadsheets in the law. As a teaching and learning technique, they find application in the law in statutes, cases and textbooks, and become more common as the law becomes more extensive and complex.

They have two main advantages. In hard copy format flowcharts provide a basis upon which a lecturer can organise his or her materials; they can also be hyperlinked to both primary and secondary law materials in electronic format. And from a student’s perspective, flowcharts can act as a road map or guide to their learning, showing where they are going, where they have got to, and from whence they have come.

This presentation demonstrates the application of flowcharts to a subject in Income Tax law, using both hard copy and online formats. If time permits we will also look at how the technique is being replicated in Intellectual Property law.

Finally, we consider how in this age of digital technology judgments could be written and delivered in broadsheet format.

  About the speaker:

Ian Iredale holds qualifications in Economics, Marketing and Law from UNSW, and lectured here before his current position as Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at the University of Western Sydney in the areas of Taxation, Intellectual Property, Banking and Finance, Industrial and Employment, and Law for Managers.

Ian has experience and expertise in flexible learning and delivery, having prepared materials for subjects offered in distance mode. In addition, his expertise in computer assisted learning resulted in a CD-ROM structuring the teaching of Taxation Law with hyperlinks to statute and cases, a work which has now been published online by CCH Australia Ltd.

Ian consults in the fields of Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting, Marketing, Distance Education courses in Banking and Finance Law and Law for Financial Counsellors, and Industry Innovation and Research and Development. He has also been involved in consultancies dealing with capital gains tax and GST in relation to property developments. He delivers conference papers at management and law conferences in Australia and overseas, and is a co-author of the text Managers and the Law.

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