Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre
at UNSW Law Faculty
invites you to a free 'Law Tech Talk' seminar
in our 2003 Cyberspace Law and Policy Series:


The role of the public domain in copyright


Prof Hugh Hansen, Fordham University Law School


Wednesday, 20 August 2003


1:00 to 2:00 pm, including 15 minutes for questions


UNSW Law Faculty, Library stage II Tower, Room 1042 (10th floor).
Enter via Gate 11 Botany St Randwick.



One of the most contentious issues in current copyright scholarship is the role of the public domain. Should 'public domain' be redefined to take into account a broader range of elements? What is the role of a 'creative commons'? Are commons necessarily tragic?

This presentation will take a critical approach to the arguments made in favour of an expanded public domain at the expense of traditional copyright protection.

  About the speaker:

Hugh Hansen is one of the USA's leading intellectual property academics and director of the acclaimed Fordham University Law School Conference on International Intellectual Property Policy and Law.

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