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The Cyberspace Law and Policy Series 2003

LAWS 5238: Postgraduate Accredited CLE conference on

Current issues in
eBusiness, Intellectual Property and Privacy

Date: 4 and 5 December 2003
Grace Hotel, Sydney

Postgraduate enrolment: See Kerrie Daley at UNSW Law Faculty office.
Other registrations: see www.CLE.unsw.edu.au

About the conference

This course for enrolled postgraduate students of IT and intellectual property law will be taught from 9:00am to 5:30pm over two consecutive days on 4 and 5 December 2003. Over four half day components the array of expert government, legal practitioner, advocate and academic speakers will cover a range of topical issues in e-business and e-commerce, data protection and privacy, online marketing, digital copyright and software licensing:

      • Successful remedies for privacy complainants in Federal, state and common law jurisdictions
      • The philosophy of the new Spam Act (expected to pass in October or early November) how it will be adminstered and how it affects specific activities and industries
      • Online contract formation in the banking, consumer finance and insurance
      • Underlying fundamentals of online contract formation, and evidentiary and digital document issues: proving the terms, dealing with changes.
      • Digital copyright and software licencing, including open source and proprietary licensing issues, the parallel import regime, and a digital copyright protection update.

Credit : two day 4 units of credit.


4 component seminars: see the links below for details

  1. Privacy Complaints - How to get a win for your client -

  2. The new Spam Act - how it works

  3. Digital Copyright and Software Licensing Update

  4. Online contracts: Banking, finance and insurance


Date: 4 and 5 December 2003, 9:00 - 5:30 pm

Venue: Grace Hotel, 77 York Street (corner King Street) Sydney

Cost for postgraduate accredited course:

Two days - $1,100.00. GST Inclusive. Postgraduate students enrolling in this course will be invoiced by UNSW via the web, as with other UNSW degree courses.

Course fees include tuition, assessment of a research essay, materials, and refreshments.


A research essay will be set, with the topics based on the content of the event and the student's interests.


Email Kerrie Daley k.daley [at] unsw.edu.au for details on course enrolment through the UNSW postgrad system. Ph: 02 9385 3284.

The course number is LAWS5238.

NB: For queries about the event's content, contact: David Vaile, Executive Director, Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre on (02) 9385 3589 or at d.vaile [at] unsw.edu.au.

For registrations other than as a postgraduate (ie, for a separate seminar as continuing professional education), use the methods described on each seminar's web page (above).

About Postgraduate conference courses Our postgraduate conference courses are an important link between postgraduates and the wider academic and professional community. The programme consists of a series of related short courses in two day packages assisting postgraduates to develop up-to-date knowledge of, and skills in, relevant specialist areas. These are taught by a varied group including regulators, practitioners, in house counsel and advocates. The courses are attended by a diverse range of participants from varying sectors including postgraduate study, large and small legal practices, government agencies, advocacy bodies, and other businesses and organisations.

Postgraduate students enrolling in this course must attend all sessions of all four component seminars, and submit a research essay for assessement (3,000-3,500 words).

About the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre - The centre, established within the Faculty of Law at UNSW, provides a focus for research, public interest advocacy and education on issues of law and policy concerning digital transactions in cyberspace. Baker & McKenzie (http://www.bakernet.com) are the founding supporters of the Centre.

About the Cyberspace Law and Policy Series - The Centre hosts a series of events examining the public interest in cyberspace legal and policy issues, and some practical workshops on related legal procedure. The series includes Continuing Legal Education conferences and workshops, Symposia which bring together policy makers and legal and technical experts for round table discussions, ad hoc LawTechTalks on campus, and major academic conferences.

URL: http://www.CyberlawCentre.org/laws5238_ebusiness.htm